2015-05-31 12:11:27 by DaVince

I no longer upload new music to Newgrounds. For new tunes, check out my SoundCloud account instead.

For any song that is downloadable on there, you have my full permission to use it in whatever creation you like, as long as you credit me with the name DaVince or Vincent Beers. :)

My previous blogpost is really old

2013-08-10 11:06:30 by DaVince

And I'm making this post to state that the whole "open for requests" thing isn't really true any more. I'll gladly work on music for any project anyone might be offering, though (with a preference for chiptunes or otherwise old-school-like digital stuff).

My previous blogpost is really old

Now taking music requests

2009-09-02 12:30:41 by DaVince

I'm not a great musical artist, but from now on I'll be glad to take any requests. I can do all the stuff you'll find in my list of released songs, as well as half-assed half-crappy sounding imitations of any real (or video game) songs, for all your parodying needs.

I also have a whole slew of unfinished songs available over at nished/. If you want me to finish any of them for use with one of your Flash videos or games, be sure to contact me.